There are plenty of facts out there on why recycling is important. Nigeria population is growing, and currently each human being adds significant waste to the planet over his or her lifetime.

In order to conserve a clean beautiful earth to live in it is very important to begin teaching students at a young age the importance of recycling. Students are like sponges and observe information well if they learn about it starting at their early childhood education and throughout their school years.

They should be aware of the importance of recycling, and therefore we strongly believe each school should implement into their lesson plans a lesson of recycling in order for the students to begin recycling themselves. 

Students should learn about the causes and effects of recycling and from there teach their families of the importance of it if their families don’t contribute to recycling themselves.  They need to know why recycling will conserve a better earth to live in.


Schools can help us teach our students about recycling.  A lesson plan can be created were students have to begin by recycling at their school.  Students can learn about recycling by actually taking part of it both at school and at home. This lesion plan will help the school teachers to teach the children the culture of recycling using different methods in the lesson plan.


  • Teach Recycling Early initiative is aimed at children in primary and secondary schools.
  • To educate and enlighten children on key environmental projects such as Waste Management (Recycling), Climate Change etc.
  • To give back to the children in school as incentives from the waste collected from the schools.
  • To support girl child education.
  • To fill this gap and provide relevant information to enable children to understand the environmental impacts of waste.
  • To teach students how to be active participants in bringing about change.
  • Evaluation takes place every 3months for 1 year.


  • Design a lesson plan for the children on recycling.
  • To provide waste bin that can help in sorting of waste in the school (Pet bottles/Paper) this will turn to an incentives for the school and the student from a recycling company.
  • To provide support for our implementation phase in the school e.g. T-shirt/Posters/Recycling Materials.
  • Create a documentary on importance of recycling in Nigeria using the success stories of the students.
  • To create an advocacy toolkit after the project.


  • Setting up a recycling club or leverage on existing environmental clubs in the school.
  • Train and impact the teachers using the lesson plan to explain the idea behind recycling.
  • Involving recycling companies to help follow up on the pet bottles and paper.
  • Quarterly follow up with the schools on knowledge transfers.
  • Visiting recycling companies to keep them update on practical levels.
  • Annual competitions with different stakeholders on the importance of recycling in school.
  • Develop a competition between the students and school on recycling process.
  • Selecting Recycling Ambassadors among the students to champion the project in the school.