Climate Wednesday registered as International Climate Change Development Initiatives is a leading youth voice on Climate Change which seeks to build a climate smart generation across African while identifying key climate change issues affecting development especially in Nigeria through creative dialogues and innovations. 

Climate Wednesday identifies local realities, engage relevant stakeholders, proffer sustainable solutions and present them on the global stage for actionable steps towards mitigating effects of climate change. We strive to keep up thoroughly with the dynamic nature of African environment and society.


The Impact of Climate Wednesday has created policy dialogues, networking and partnerships within Africa countries, Communication, Education and Precaution strategies. Our platform was launched in April 2013 out of vision to promote matters aim at building a climate smart generation and a sustainable effort in Africa.


Climate Wednesday came out from a passion that we have for our environment and a day we can easily share our thoughts with African people to build a sustainability efforts among youths in Africa.



  • To promote a Green, Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment.
  • To develop and deploy practical environmental management systems and programmes with local communities for a Green, Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment.
  • To organize programs such as workshops, seminars, trainings, conference, and other related programs designed to build the capacity of members, communities, governments and institutions on Green, Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment.
  • To engage relevant stakeholders online and offline to further mainstream the objectives of the INITIATIVE and cross-pollinate ideas.
  • To support members and communities with tools, techniques and other relevant resources for Green, Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment.
  • To work with governments, the private sector, development partners and other relevant stakeholders in initiating, introducing or scaling up partnerships and sustainability projects that directly or indirectly improve the Green, Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment in communities.
  • To liaise, partner or co-operate with any other organizations and groups within or outside the country having similar aims and objectives with this INITIATIVE.